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Getting you to #1 on Google is what we do. Here’s how:

We’ll analyse your website performance

Our SEO specialists will undertake a complete audit of your website to identify any issues that may be impacting on your performance in search results.

Get Google My Business up and running

Having an optimised and comprehensive Google My Business account enhances your standing with Google and means that your site ranks higher in searches.

Get your business seen everywhere

The Bold SEO Melbourne team will ensure that your name and site receives Google-friendly online exposure that highlights your expertise and standing.

Establish your name and presence across platforms

We create a network of social media and other online assets so that you have more opportunities to direct traffic to your website.

Tracking the performance of your site

With Bold SEO Melbourne packages, you can track a wide range of data from an accessible dashboard and through regular email reports.

Stay up to date with your industry

As well as your own data, we also monitor and analyse how your competitors’ sites are performing to consolidate your rankings.

Local SEO Masterclass

Can't afford to hire Bold SEO for your business? Watch the free Local SEO masterclass and see how you can rank your business without having to pay an SEO agency.

What our customers say

We've got a long list of 92+ client reviews & video testimonials

“An amazing experience”

Bold implemented an online campaign that generated new leads and opportunities around Australia...Its been an amazing experience.

Ben Atkins

ASF Audits

“Remarkable results”

Their SEO expertise has proven remarkable results in a very short period of time. Bold are the industry experts, highly recommend Sam & the team.

Joe Maurici


“A clear contrast”

The team at Bold produced incredible results for our Optus business centres. On time on budget, a clear contrast between our previous web presence.

Billy Maher

Optus Business Centres

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"We've seen a doubling in our growth year on year, fantastic results!"

“Aspley Allied Pharmacy hired Bold to increase visibility and cut the costs we were spending on Google ads. Since the campaign launched we've seen a doubling in our growth year on year on what we were previously experiencing, its been a fantastic result so far”

Nick Pearson
Aspley Allied Pharmacy

SEO packages tailored to your needs

We have a range of Melbourne SEO plans and packages available, and which can be tailored to suit your specific needs and budget. Talk to our strategists about what we can do to enhance your SEO rankings and the online presence of your website.

Grow your presence to increase revenues

If you want your website to be found in searches at the top of page 1 more often, our SEO services will achieve your goal. Our strategies are targeted so that they reach the viewers who are more likely to convert and become customers. 

SEO designed for your business

One of the key benefits of working with Bold SEO is that we utilise both on-page and off-page SEO techniques in order to create a customised campaign tailored around your business and your goals. Our keyword implementation strategies also mean that your site is able to keep pace with what your main competitors are doing in the SEO space as well.

Make sure your SEO strategy continues to perform

As part of our package, our Melbourne SEO strategists regularly review and analyse data from your campaign. This enables us to see the elements that are delivering results, and provides information as to what we can do even better going forward.

What Bold SEO can deliver for your business

As SEO specialists, we design and implement strategies that are customised to meet the needs of your business and are appropriate for your industry.

What is involved in tech-enabled SEO?

We utilise a number of different tech-enabled SEO processes as part of a campaign, both in order to generate new leads for your business, and to monitor which strategies are proving to be the most effective.

Research and Analysis

Research and analysis are keys to the implementation of a successful Melbourne SEO campaign. Our strategists begin by looking closely at your operations, what you do, and what you offer your customers. We then use the results of our analysis to formulate a SEO strategy and create content that will enhance your search results, but we also look as the performance of your competitors in the SEO space.

  • We analyse both your rivals and the wider market

  • We monitor the performance of your site and server

  • We look in detail at the SEO features you already have in place

Optimising Your Site

In order to rank as high as possible in Google searches, your site needs to be optimised for SEO. In practical terms, this means that both the user experience (UX) and information architecture (IA) are designed with viewers and SEO in mind (in terms of keywords, meta titles, etc). Site optimisation for SEO also means ensuring your site loads sufficiently quickly, as this impacts on its ranking as well.

  • Writing SEO-friendly meta titles and meta descriptions

  • Ensuring a positive user experience (UX)

  • Making sure the architecture of the website means it’s easy to use

High quality website content

Having high quality, well-written, optimised content on your website is integral to ranking well in Google searches. Our team comprises of experienced SEO writers who will create original content for your site that is industry specific, well organised (with regard to headings, titles, etc.), and is engaging for visitors to your site.

  • Well written, optimised content for your website

  • A range of articles that showcase your industry expertise

  • Blogs in a variety of styles that can be shared across platforms

Making the most of keywords

A successful SEO campaign will always have thorough keyword research at its core. Our Melbourne SEO strategists ensure that your website content is optimised to utilise long tail keywords so that your site ranks well in searches, and that you are able to compete will with rivals in the same industry or sector.

  • Ensure your website content is optimised for selected keywords

  • Analyse the keywords used by others in the same industry

  • Ongoing monitoring and assessment of keyword performance

Back links and shareable content

Our Melbourne SEO strategists also include off-page processes and techniques as part of any campaign. We will develop a variety of back links to your site (a highly effective way of enhancing your standing and reputation with search engines), along wth content in a variety of styles that is industry specific and informative, making it ideal for sharing.

  • Creating and sharing blogs with widespread appeal

  • Developing back links from reputable, respected sites

  • Using content marketing as a means of generating traffic

Regular testing and analysis

Once your SEO campaign is up and running, our strategists will continue to monitor and review it closely. We regularly test to see which parts of the campaign are working effectively, and which need upgrading in order to deliver the best results. In this way, we can be sure that not only do you rank well in searches at the beginning of a SEO campaign, but that you are able to remain there.

  • We track your SEO ranking and performance

  • Strategists analyse the journey viewers take when on your site

  • CTAs are regularly tested and reconfigured when required

SEO is the best way to improve your ranking and increase conversions

At Bold SEO we are committed to supporting Melbourne businesses to enhance their online presence and attract more traffic to their sites. We do this through effective campaign management, and the utilisation of a variety of both on-page and off-page strategies so as to deliver the best possible ROI. The aim is always to increase the traffic to your site, convert visitors to customers, and grow your reputation and standing with all major search engines.

Bold is your Melbourne SEO specialist

Wide ranging experience across all aspects of SEO is what Bold proudly offers Melbourne businesses and organisations. We understand that there are many SEO service providers out there, and so we constantly strive to deliver for our clients by providing a highly professional service that incudes a range of processes and techniques, and is geared towards meting the needs of your business and providing value for money on your SEO spend.

We are open about pricing

One aspect of working wth Bold SEO Melbourne business owners consistently tell us they appreciate is our transparent approach to pricing. Our fees are made clear up front, so you can effectively manage your SEO budget.

We also set out at the start of a campaign what you can expect in terms of results, and the expected time frame required to achieve them. We think this is important because it creates an open, trusting relationship, and means that both parties have realistic, shared expectations.

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What do others say about Bold SEO?

One of the best ways to ascertain whether a SEO service provider delivers results is to look at what others across a range of sectors have to say, and how satisfied they are with the both the results they deliver and the quality of the service.

At Bold SEO, we are proud of the exceptional number of positive reviews we have received, and we are always happy to share these far and wide. These testimonials demonstrate that we have been able to deliver results for Melbourne businesses in a variety of sectors and industries, and that we have happy and healthy working relationships with clients running businesses and organisations of all sizes.

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Longevity in SEO industry

When you are considering engaging a SEO service provider, as well as customer testimonials you should look at how log they have been in business, and the client portfolio they have been able to build. SEO is a competitive field, with new names seemingly popping up overnight, but few SEO providers can match our reputation, our impressive client list, or the length of time we have been in operation. We are confident that these factors combine to highlight that Bold SEO is a name you can rely on to deliver results for your business.

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Grow your business and increase revenues with Bold SEO Melbourne

Search engine optimisation has some clear goals, regardless of the size of your business or the industry in which you operate. In simple terms, it involves ensuring your page appears on the first page of Google. This then produces a wide variety of knock-on effects and benefits, but these are only possible when your website is amongst the first that people see when searching for the sort of products or services you provide.

To achieve greater visibility in search results, we use a combination of processes and techniques which have been shown to be highly effective:


Using keywords to attract visitors

Converting into customers


Who doesn’t want to boost revenue?


SEO that works for you


One suite of SEO services

Bold SEO Melbourne offers a comprehensive range of services to a large and growing range of businesses who are seeking to get better search results and maximise the performance of their website.

We boast a skilled, experienced team who have worked with businesses and organisations of all sizes, and so know what is required to create a customised SEO plan that delivers. We can provide all facets of search engine optimisation, including keyword research, data analysis and content creation.

Bold can also provide other services to boost your online performance, including a wide variety of digital marketing strategies that work in conjunction with the management of a SEO campaign.

Managing Google PPC campaigns

We manage pay-per-click advertising campaigns on behalf of a diverse range of clients in Melbourne. PPC enables you to significantly broaden your reach, and get your website in front of a larger number of potential customers than you might otherwise be able to reach. 

Content as a marketing tool

Content marketing is a highly effective means of further enhancing a SEO plan. We can provide a range of content creation services that are informative and engaging, and are designed to bring traffic to your site. 

Website development and design

SEO is at its most effective when it is supporting a website that offers an easy-to-use, informative and engaging user experience. At Bold Web Design, we create beautifully designed, functional websites that not only provide visitors with an enjoyable UX, but also perform exceptionally well in search results. All of the sites that we design are mobile responsive, and so have full capability and look good on any size of screen, ensuring you can reach customers regardless of the device they use.

Email campaigns

Our in-bound marketing team specialises in the creation and management of electronic direct mail marketing (EDM) campaigns. We use email to reach new customers, incentivise your existing clients, and to boost your profile in your industry across Melbourne and beyond. 

Social media campaigns

As experienced digital marketers, we can manage your social media accounts and promote your business across the most popular platforms in both paid and organic campaigns, Our team has significant experience in getting results for clients using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and a range of other popular social media sites. 

How a Bold SEO Audit of your website will enhance your search ranking

In order for your site to rank well in searches, all the elements required for a successful SEO strategy need to be in place. Our team of Melbourne SEO specialists will undertake a comprehensive audit of your site in order to assess the current technical, on-page and off-page aspects of your SEO, in order to optimise these features.

Below we detail the many benefits of a thorough SEO audit.

Why a SEO audit is the start of getting you to #1 in search results

It is undoubtedly frustrating when you have created a website that is well designed and informative, but doesn’t rank as well in Google searches as you expect it to. Bold SEO specialists will undertake a SEO audit of your site to see what is working and what isn’t, and then use this data to formulate a customised search engine optimisation strategy designed to enhance the ranking of your site, and your business’ presence online.

There are a number of features that a SEO audit will address:

  • What SEO practices are currently being implemented on your site

  • How on-page and off-page SEO features are affecting your ranking

  • The number, quality and range of backlinks to your site

  • The SEO strategies that need to be put in place going forward

Our SEO audit services are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and in all industries. These are combined with a range of strategies to ensure your site is being found online.

If you want to find out more about how a SEO audit can benefit your business, get in touch with the Bold SEO Melbourne team and we will be happy to talk about an appropriate approach for you.

Melbourne SEO service packages and prices

We work with a wide variety of businesses and organisations, from start ups to major corporations, and so we have designed SEO audit packages to suit all budgets and needs. Get in touch to learn more about our pricing and plans, and what Bold SEO can do for your business.

How will my site be audited?

To kick off, we’ll look at the data showing traffic to your site, such as how many searchers are finding it, and how they find it. We’ll also look at your keyword implementation, and how these are performing in their own right and when compared to your competitors.

We will then use these and other analytics in order to compile a report highlighting the elements of your SEO that can be improved in order to enhance your website ranking.

Our recommendations will include both on-page and off-page SEO, including (but not limited to):

  • Optimising all content on your site

  • Restoring broken external and internal links

  • Writing title pages for images and media

  • Removing or rewriting duplicate content

  • Writing SEO optimised meta titles and meta descriptions

  • Validating the HTML

  • Ensuring browser compatibility

  • Enhancing page loading speeds

  • Any other SEO processes that may be required

These are just some of the elements that will influence the way search engines crawl your site and then subsequently rank it for your keywords. The Bold SEO Melbourne team are specialists is all of these aspects of SEO, and so will ensure that they are set up for optimum performance.

This is why a comprehensive SEO audit is a crucial part of getting the best possible search results for your website.

How long does a full SEO audit take?

It will generally take the Bold SEO Melbourne team in the region of a month to undertake a thorough SEO audit, although it can depend on what services are required.

A basic SEO audit will usually take 30 days, while a premium package usually will last for 45 days. This time is used to not only to assess how your site is currently performing, but also what processes can be put in place in the future to optimise your overall SEO.

Whichever package you opt for, we will devise a customised SEO strategy that is designed to meet the specific needs of your business. We will also provide a written report in which we outline what we uncovered during the audit process, as well as what our SEO specialists are proposing in terms of improvements.

How does a SEO audit give me a return on investment?

If your website is an important part of your business (and whose isn’t?), then it makes sense that you want to see results from the time and money invested in it. This generally means being found by people searching in your industry (ahead of your competitors’ sites), and having a wide ranging online presence.

A SEO audit is the first stage in ensuring that you are at the top of Google search results for your keywords. It will also make sure that your site is providing visitors with an efficient user experience (e.g., pages load quickly, etc.), as well as finding and identifying any SEO issues that you might not have been aware of.

In short, if you have an effective SEO package in place, you are ensuring that your website is working for you and delivering in the way you intended, thereby maximising your ROI in terms of the costs associated with building your website and getting it online.

A Bold SEO audit is therefore a cost efficient way of getting value for money across the board. An audit can take place as a new website is being built and launched, or any time after it has been sent live.

What is affecting my SEO and what can I do about it?

It can be tricky for anyone who is not a SEO specialist to be able to identify all of the factors that might be impacting negatively on the performance of a website. This is especially frustrating when you have invested significant time and money in getting a website built, but it’s just not delivering in terms of traffic.

Very often, it is that the content on the site that has not been fully optimised for SEO. For instance, pages may not have a sufficient number of words, or may contain duplicate content (i.e., from another website, or content from other internal pages). Another common cause of SEO issues is that meta titles and meta descriptions do not utilise keywords.

A Bold SEO audit will identify potential problems in these and other areas, and we can then devise a strategy to correct these issues. This relatively simple step can have an immediate impact, and help your site to rank better in a relatively short space of time.

How do off-page factors impact SEO?

A key element of off-page SEO is the number and quality of links on your site, as well as how the anchor text is displayed, i.e., how it is written and where on the page it appears. Links play a crucial role in overall SEO performance, but their importance is often overlooked.

A Bold SEO audit will identify and rectify these and other issues that may be limiting your sites’s visibility, as well as make recommendations for how your overall off-page SEO can be improved. Our SEO team is highly experienced at optimising all of the elements that influence Google’s algorithms, and ensure that off-page elements receive sufficient attention as part of your overall SEO.

Is your server impacting your SEO?

Files that are stored on your server, such as sitemap.xml, robots.txt and .htaccess can also play a role in your site’s SEO performance. These and other files affect how search engines access and index your content, and so they need to be properly configured and optimised.


.htaccess enables you to apply specific configuration directives, i.e, the application of 301 redirects and error pages, as well as directing users and search engines to particular pages.


robots.txt will prevent specific folders on your server being crawled and indexed. This is often used for preventing spiders from searching things like PDF files, or any folders that are not necessary for the site’s theme.


sitemap.xml is the file that effectively directs how efficiently search engine spiders can crawl your site, through providing a link and description for each page. It effectively ranks pages according to their importance.

Files that are stored on your server, such as sitemap.xml, robots.txt and .htaccess can also play a role in your site’s SEO performance. These and other files affect how search engines access and index your content, and so they need to be properly configured and optimised.

How can I access SEO audit services?

The team at Bold SEO Melbourne can begin the process of auditing your website without delay.

SEO audits for any size of business

Bold SEO advisers will work with you to determine which of our packages is going to best meet your needs and will fit your budget. We work in close partnership with our clients, updating you on what we learn as we analyse your site, and at the completion of this process will provide you with a comprehensive written report detailing what we have learnt, and what the next steps should be to improve your SEO and get more traffic to your site.

An experienced Melbourne SEO agency

If you need a SEO audit for your Melbourne business or organisation, either because you’re launching a new website or you want your current site to perform better, our highly experienced team is on hand to help.

Regardless of the size of your business, your knowledge and experience of working with websites, or the sector you operate in, we provide comprehensive SEO services that deliver results.

Introducing our local SEO team

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