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If you want to get to the top of Google, this is the way to do it. 

We analyse and optimise your website

Through a SEO audit, we can analyse what is currently affecting your website’s performance, and why it is ranking where it is.

Invest time and effort in Google My Business 

Having an up-to-date, comprehensive Google My Business account is a highly effective way of improving your Google ranking and attracting more traffic.

Increasing your online presence 

We undertake a range of on-page and off-page services, including link building, as a means of growing your business’ presence on Google and other search engines.

Grow your reach and network

A significant part of growing an online network is building your reputation and authority on a variety of social media platforms.

Data and reports that you can use

An effective SEO plan requires being able to measure the impact of your keywords, analyse how much traffic you’re getting, and knowing where it comes from.

Keeping up with the competition

A Bold SEO plan enables your competitors’ rankings to be tracked alongside yours, so that you can keep pace with others in your industry.

Local SEO Masterclass

Can't afford to hire Bold SEO for your business? Watch the free Local SEO masterclass and see how you can rank your business without having to pay an SEO agency.

Our customers have their say

Our many clients are happy to talk and write about the many ways working with Bold SEO Perth has helped to grow their business.

“An amazing experience”

Bold implemented an online campaign that generated new leads and opportunities around Australia...Its been an amazing experience.

Ben Atkins

ASF Audits

“Remarkable results”

Their SEO expertise has proven remarkable results in a very short period of time. Bold are the industry experts, highly recommend Sam & the team.

Joe Maurici


“A clear contrast”

The team at Bold produced incredible results for our Optus business centres. On time on budget, a clear contrast between our previous web presence.

Ben Atkins

ASF Audits

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"We've seen a doubling in our growth year on year, fantastic results!"

“Aspley Allied Pharmacy hired Bold to increase visibility and cut the costs we were spending on Google ads. Since the campaign launched we've seen a doubling in our growth year on year on what we were previously experiencing, its been a fantastic result so far”

Nick Pearson
Aspley Allied Pharmacy

SEO plans for all types of business

Our Perth SEO team is here to help you optimise the performance of your website so that you regularly appear at the top of Google rankings. Once you have an effective SEO plan up and running, you will start to see a significant increase in your traffic.

When traffic grows, so does your business

Making an investment in search engine optimisation is a highly efficient way of growing your business, and so is an important marketing spend, whatever the size or standing of your business. Effective SEO means that you are attracting targeted visitors who are more likely to convert into customers. 

Custom SEO strategies

At Bold Perth SEO, we create custom campaigns built around the needs of your business. Incorporating both on-page and off-page elements, and utilising extensive keyword research and content creation, we are able to target audiences who are looking for your products and services, and enhance your ranking and reputation at the same time.

Regular reviews and analysis

As well as devising and implementing SEO strategies, our plans also include regular reviews and analysis of your campaigns to determine which elements are working well and which need further refinement. We are always committed to finding the most efficient and effective ways of delivering enhanced search engine results.

Special Perth SEO Services

SEO is at its most effective when plans are customised to your needs, so that they deliver results regardless of the size of your business or budget. 

Tech-enabled SEO processes and how they work

The Bold SEO Perth team attracts visitors to your site and generates new leads through the implementation of a variety of tech-enabled processes.

Keywords that work for you

One of the reasons why our SEO plans are able to deliver for clients is the emphasis we place on keyword research. We use this information to determine what your target audience is likely to be searching for, and the creation of content for your site.

  • Research the most effective keywords for your industry

  • Optimise the content on your site using keywords

  • Track which keywords are performing best on your site

Optimising your website

As part of a SEO plan, we optimise all areas of your website, including the information architecture (IA) and user experience (UX), so that it is well organised and easy to navigate for visitors, as well as making it more straightforward for search engines to crawl your site. In addition, we will undertake a technical SEO audit in order to ensure that pages load quickly, as this also has a positive impact on your ranking.

  • Improved website organisation and architecture

  • Enhanced user experience on all devices

  • Optimised meta titles and meta descriptions

Content that increases traffic

The success of a SEO campaign depends to a large extent on the quality of your website content and how it is utilised across your site. As part of a SEO strategy, we will create a range of engaging, keyword-rich content that attracts visitors to your site and keeps them engaged on your site for longer — an important factor in determining how Google ranks your site.

  • A range of content that is keyword rich

  • Content designed to showcase your experience and expertise

  • A mix of content styles

Researching that works

When we are managing a SEO campaign, we analyse all the different aspects of your digital marketing and SEO, with the aim of discovering what could be enhanced in order to improve your ranking. We will also look at what others in your industry are doing (in terms of keywords, for instance), and formulate strategies customised to your particular business needs.

  • How well is your current SEO and digital marketing working?

  • Is your website and server speed adequate?

  • Which other sites in your industry or location consistently rank well?

Backlinks that benefit your ranking

Optimised off-page SEO is another way in which the ranking of your site and position in Google searches can be significantly boosted. Our team of SEO strategists will develop a variety of backlinks to your site which not only enhance your search visibility, but also help to grow your standing and reputation with consumers and the community.

  • Content marketing as an effective promotional tool

  • Sharing content to increase exposure

  • Developing viral marketing plans

Testing discovers what works

SEO is a customised process that depends on a range of factors in order to be successful, and so the approach we take will depend on your target audience, business, and current SEO practices. This is why we regularly test all the different aspects of your SEO and digital marketing, in order to ensure that we have the most effective processes in place and are successfully directing traffic to your site.

  • Ensuring that calls to action (CTAs) are delivering results

  • Analysing what visitors do on your site

  • Tracking and reporting to assess the ROI on your SEO spend

SEO management is key to improved search rankings

A SEO campaign needs effective management if it is to deliver the best possible results. This is because a well managed SEO plan will incorporate a range of different elements, rather than one process alone. When a campaign is properly managed in this way, it will consistently deliver a greater online presence and significantly improved search engine results.

The Bold SEO Perth team specialises in search engine optimisation management, and creates campaigns for businesses of all sizes.

How effective SEO management delivers for your business 

When you’re considering a SEO agency to manage your campaigns, it is important to have a clear idea of what you can expect not only in terms of results, but also the return you receive on your investment.

At Bold SEO Perth, we offer a range of packages customised to your specific needs and budget. We work in close partnership with you to establish and fulfil your goals, and utilise research and data to produce results in the shortest time possible. 

Open and transparent SEO pricing

Undertaking a comprehensive SEO campaign to increase the visibility of your site is an important investment, and like all marketing spends it is important to know what you can expect to pay, as well as the results you will see.

At Bold SEO, we we have an upfront and transparent pricing policy that means you are always in control of what you are spending, and how this correlates with the results that are being produced. We customise our plans in line with your budget, and are always open about the services we will provide as part of any SEO campaign.

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The value of reviews and testimonials

One of the best ways to understand what a SEO agency can do for your business is to read the reviews and testimonials of other business owners. 

At Bold SEO Perth, we have built up an impressive portfolio of recommendations from satisfied customers across a wide variety of industries and sectors. We are proud of the fact that so many clients speak highly of our services, and it gives us enormous satisfaction to know that we are doing so much right, and have been able to help large numbers of Perth organisations to improve their search rankings and enhance their online visibility.

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Experience and expertise matters

It’s probably not an exaggeration to say that there are hundreds of people out there offering SEO services, and so it might not always be straightforward to distinguish between established industry professionals and those who promise much but can’t deliver.

Bold SEO Perth has a long track record of success in the SEO business, and we have a team of highly experienced professionals who work regularly with organisations of all sizes. You can rely on the experience and expertise of Bold SEO to deliver results and get your site seen by more people. 

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SEO campaign management to grow your business

SEO is a multifaceted process, and so effective management is crucial to ensuring that a variety of elements are being utilised in any campaign. As an experienced Perth SEO team, at Bold SEO we manage campaigns so that a range of processes are being put to work, and that you receive the maximum return on your investment thanks to significantly enhanced search results and online visibility.


Using keywords to boost your ranking

More conversions from your traffic


Managing SEO effectively grows revenue


Developing a customised SEO plan


What Bold SEO Perth can do for your business

At Bold SEO Perth, we work with businesses of all sizes to deliver high quality SEO that improves rankings and online presence. We have established an impressive portfolio of clients over time, and have built up unrivalled experience and expertise in all facets of SEO campaign delivery.

We have a specialist, in-house team of SEO professionals experienced at interpreting and utilising data from Google Analytics to implement keywords and content, plus other on-page and off-page features, in order to devise a custom SEO plan that meets your business needs.

In addition to our comprehensive SEO management services, at Bold we also offer a suite of digital marketing strategies to complement your plan.

Website design specialists

We offer outstanding website development and design services, and create high converting websites for organisations and businesses across Perth. SEO best practice is fully implemented in every website that we build, with keyword rich, multimedia content that not only attracts traffic but also engages visitors and encourages them to remain on your site for longer. Our website designs are also optimised for fast page loading times, and are mobile responsive so that they display well on smartphones, tablets and all portable devices.

Content marketing to increase conversions

As part of a SEO plan, we create complementary content marketing strategies that ensure your site is keyword rich, informative and industry specific, so that you rank at the top of page #1 on Google for anyone searching for services and products in your field, 

Email marketing campaigns

The Bold SEO Perth team are highly experienced inbound marketing specialists who create electronic direct mail marketing (EDM) campaigns that create new leads and help to retain and incentivise your existing client base. Direct email marketing campaigns have the potential to significantly increase your online presence, and when managed efficiently are a cost-effective way of reaching large numbers of people and growing your customer database. 

PPC advertising campaigns 

While pay-per-click advertising (PPC) can be an effective means of promotion, in order to ensure that you get the best possible value from a PPC campaign, it needs to be effectively managed. Our team of experienced SEO managers can ensure that costs are kept under control, while still ensuring you get sufficient traffic and a suitable return on your investment.

Managing social media

The Bold SEO team of digital marketing specialists can take care of the management of your social media pages and profiles, so that these complement all the other aspects of your SEO campaign. Having a unified, custom strategy across platforms is a highly effective way of maximising your online exposure and increasing traffic to your site.

A complete SEO audit maximises your website’s reach

In order to ensure that your website consistently ranks well on Google, Bing and other search engines, a comprehensive SEO audit is an essential first step. The Bold SEO Perth team will analyse the on-page, off-page and technical aspects already in place on your website, and then develop new strategies designed to deliver significant improvements. 

An SEO audit is the first step to ranking #1 on Google

One of the frustrations our clients most often share with us is that they have put significant time and money into building a website, but they just aren’t getting any traffic because they’re not on the first page of Google for their primary keywords. In this scenario, our team will undertake a full SEO audit of your site to determine what the reason might be for a sub-optimal ranking, and then devise strategies to significantly improve your ranking and grow your online presence.

During a SEO audit, our specialists will analyse key elements impacting of your site’s performance, and then compile an extensive report that details what can done to improve your rankings, including:

  • The on-page and off page elements affecting your site’s current ranking

  • Keyword density and implementation

  • Internal and external links

  • Backlinks to you site, and their authority

Our SEO audit services are designed to achieve maximum visibility for your website through ensuring that all SEO processes are optimised, and that on-page and off-page are all being utilised effectively.

Get in touch with Bold SEO Perth to discuss ways in which your website ranking can be significantly improved, and how to get the best return on your investment.

SEO audit services and costs

Bold SEO audit services are customised depending on the size of your site, how long it has been online, and the variety of features you currently have implemented. We have a range of options, so please feel free to get in touch with our team and we will be happy to discuss what will work best for your website.

A SEO audit begins with analysing current traffic volumes, and the keywords that are ranking highest. From this starting point, we will then provide recommendations as to what needs to be improved in order to consistently achieve better rankings.

Some of the process that we undertake during a SEO audit can include:

  • Identifying and fixing broken links

  • Checking browser compatibility

  • Improving page loading speeds

  • Writing keyword rich meta titles and meta descriptions for all pages

  • Creating alt and title tags for all images and media

  • Validating HTML

  • Amending duplicate content

These are just some of the factors which may not be readily apparent, but nevertheless can have a detrimental effect on how well your site ranks in keyword searches. Our SEO specialists will address these as part of a SEO audit, and remove these common impediments to being found on page #1 in Google.

How quickly can a full SEO audit be completed?

It will generally take our team of specialists about a month to six weeks to complete a full SEO audit of your website.

A basic plan audit will usually take 30 days, or 45 days are required for a more comprehensive audit. This represents the time needed to fully assess your site’s current performance, analyse keyword traffic volume, and then devise strategies that will take your site forward.

To help you better understand how your website is currently performing, and what our plan is for improving its ranking, we will prepare for you a detailed SEO audit report.

How does an SEO audit package deliver ROI?

The aim of a SEO audit is to determine the reasons why your site might be underperforming when it comes to search results, For most business owners (and many web developers), these problems are unseen and undetected, and it can therefore require the services of SEO specialists to identify them, and then to implement processes that will consistently improve your ranking.

When we conduct a Bold SEO audit, all elements of your site are analysed, including on-page elements, sitemaps, meta titles and descriptions, and we then optimise these so that they deliver maximum performance.

Our SEO audit services can be undertaken prior to a new website being launched, so that first rate SEO is in place as soon as the site is launched. However, they are equally suitable for websites that are already online and may therefore have already been indexed by Google. In this scenario, an audit will suggest recommendations that have a rapid impact, and will quickly work to improve your ranking.

Bold SEO Perth is vastly experienced at auditing websites all all stages of development, so regardless of how long your site has been up, an audit will determine appropriate strategies for growth.

SEO audits address the on-page factors impacting search results 

It is not always clear at first glance why some websites don’t rank as well as they should — this is why a comprehensive SEO audit is usually required, in order to identify the on-page elements that are negatively impacting on search results.

Audits commonly reveal that website content is at the root of poor search engine rankings. Often, blogs and other pages don’t contain enough words to be effectively indexed, or the content is not well organised in terms of H1 and other headings. Other on-page elements affecting SEO can include missing meta titles and descriptions, a lack of keywords, or duplicate content.

A SEO audit will be able to identify these and other shortcomings that mean your site is not ranking as well as it should.

SEO audits reveal how off-page elements affect rankings

Off-page elements are extremely important when it comes to determining a site’s search results, and can contribute up to 80% of Google’s ranking algorithm. These off-page elements can include the links contained within your content, with factors such as the anchor text and where on the page links are located having a role to play.

It can be difficult to discover when off-page elements are causing search ranking issues, as they are not always visible in the front end of a website. However, SEO specialists have the knowledge and expertise to identify which off-page features are impacting on search results, and can then make recommendations for improvements that will help to enhance your site’s overall visibility.

Identify server files affecting SEO with an audit

There are a number of files that are stored on your server and which need to be properly configured in order to facilitate your website being crawled and indexed. These have a vital role to play on the way in which spiders access the content on your site, and in turn how high it then ranks in searches.

These files include:


.htaccess, which directs search engines to specific pages on your site


robots.txt, which prevents crawlers from searching specified folders


sitemap.xml, which not only helps visitors view all of the content on your site, but also prioritises pages and hierarchies for web crawlers

In addition, a SEO audit will also identify other files, like 404 error pages, that affect how your site is crawled and which, if not configured correctly, can mean that your site does not rank as well as it should. It will also help to determine page loading speeds, so that there can be optimised. 

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